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Dbaba LLC is a company that offers a huge selection of electronics and other related products (from computers and hardware/components to mobile technology and etc.). Also, we offer software, printers, office products, photo equipment and accessories, consumer electronics, mobiles and many more. Dbaba LLC was built on the idea that everyone should have access to the best prices on consumer electronics products, technology and while providing the opportunity for wide and great selection of products to choose from. We are very much looking forward to exceeding your expectations when you do business with us. We are confident that you will find the product that is a perfect fit for your personal use, your business/market, your Organisation, with the high-quality products for your maximum satisfaction. We are very passionate about excellent services with terrific bargains and, that is why we have committed ourselves to furnish you the best of both. Quality Products that will get you excited about shopping again is our center of attention because shopping online should be fast, fun & smooth.

Are you looking for something different with an incredible deal? We are glad that you’re precisely in the right place. We make every effort to be energetic and innovative with our state-of-the-art products. We are well known for offering our customers what they want at an unbelievable price, positioning their interest at the top of our priority list. Through every one of our products, we work relentlessly towards forming meaningful and continual relations with them.


Our History 

History of the Company

Our story began in 2014, back then when we were selling most of our household electrics gadgets that we don’t need anymore. Then we discovered that one person’s used stuff might be another person’s new gadget. So, we started helping others to resell their used stuff (pre-owned/pre-loved). After many sales, it became a hobby, and we will sell both from home, on the street, even in the flea market.

Today, that hobby has grown into something magnificent. Due to the blessings of our present-day technology, we are privileged to connect with and sell to millions of customers every day with our exceptional electronics and other related products from consumer electronics to communication gadget, mobile technology and so on.

Dbaba is named after the founder Ehihi Dominion. Dbaba (d- Dominion, baba- from African descent, baba refers to a father or a leader. Dominion’s passion for technology, innovation and customers satisfaction has driven him to adopt the market of electronics and other related products so we can be among the top global leaders in the market of electronics.

Our Mission

We aim to be among the top 3 global leaders in the business and market of electronics products.


We will achieve our mission by;

    Affording our customers with an exceptional shopping experience by sourcing, curating and manufacturing the best quality in electronic gadgets in the world.

    We will also create opportunities for other vendors, manufacturers or sellers to utilize our platform with ease and affordability compared to the other market places.

    We will ensure through our Quality Control program, that our products deliver ultimate value, quality, and durability by inspiring simplicity and incredible value for the products.

    We will continue to create, innovate and challenge the old paradigms with new solutions that promote variety, quality and durability while elevating creativity.

    We will make sure that our teams and customer satisfaction are always at the center of our decision-making process.

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